A wedge and a profile
Visual merchandisign system for L:a Bruket

May 2021

Samples in mycelium, seawwed, bioresin, wax, wood, flowers, seeds, concrete and jesmonite.

Metal and wooden work by Jules Cairon

A skincare range of products is challenging to display on a retail environment. Different sizes and shapes have to coexist in many types of environments, from shelves in department stores to brand flagships. How to unify and clarify their display?

With this system of wedges and profiles, I tried to answer that question. A simple geometry that can be adapted in material and size. Like a building blocks game, the possibilities of display can be adapted to a bast array of configurations.

The simplicity of the geometry allows for a deeper investigation on its materiality, being able to reproduce the shape in a multitude of materials that can make reference the products itself.