Paque de la Centuriato Romama

Borgorico, Veneto

In collaboration with Ferran Comas, Stefano Tornieri, Massimo Triches, Pilar Cos, Margherita Vanore, Francesca Zannovello y Tessa Mateini, for the project "Parque de la Centuriación Romana"

In Borgorico, the same place where the project "The Grids", we made a landscape and architectural proposal.

The starting point of the project are anamorphical models that are aiming to re-build the geometries of the local architectures, which have been documented, placed in the territory and re-drawn to understand its characteristics and relationship with the landscape.

The project is located in a corn field, nearby the archaeological remains of a rural Roman Villa. With its positioning, we are looking for a small scale architecture, with the same language as the surrounding architectures, closing its facade to the highway and open up to the landscape.

The most singular element of the building is the viewpoint tower, which volume emerges as a beacon. The program of the project has a reception area, admin offices, workshops, a small auditorium and a cafe with a terrace.