in collaboration with LARA FERRER

November 2012
85.5 sqm

The “Fundacion ARCHIVO” called an international competition in 2012 to build a summer pavilion in the garden of the foundation headquarters.

The neighbouring building is the house and studio of the architect Luis Barragan.

The nature in the garden is exuberant and the ivy grows around all the perimeter, which is a continuous wall of different heights.

The proposal is based on an idea of tutored nature. We wanted to provide a structure to the existing ivy to grow beyond the borders of the garden. To allow that, we worked in layers.

First we drew a central deck where the different activities hosted in the pavilion during the summer could take place. Then, we attached to the perimeter walls a primary net of tensors stabilized with vertical anchor cables. Then, a substructure of cables would help the growth of the ivy, completing the project.

The final result would be suggestive, but only the action of nature is determining the final spatial experience.