New Urban Models for Ageing

Final thesis


This housing project has two main premises as a starting point: (i) how to build in a quarry and (ii) the need to regenerate the area as a new urban space. With this, the dwelling becomes a mechanism of urban integration.

The project is located in Turó de la Rovira, a spur of the Collserola mountain range that has been integrated in the urban tissue of Barcelona.

I take as a starting point the study of the sun paths, with the goal to identify the most suitable light and shadow areas to place the housing and its collective spaces.

To give sense to the intervention in a local scale, it is crucial to connect the lower level of the quarry with the neighborhood 100 meters above.
A network of stairs and escalators has been planned, generating pedestrian routes and viewpoints. This links the project with the city being this the highest point inland Barcelona.

The following concept model, shows the idea of an architecture of patios that generate a new topography of shared services (library, reading areas, sun bathing, swimming pool, gym, local farming) that will support the housing.

The ground floor of the building host the shared spaces for the elderly residence, a nursery, access to the housing and a peripheral parking space.

The upper floor, where the housing units are placed, are designed in units of 40sqm, with double circulation, toilet, kitchen and interstitial and exterior spaces that are designed to embrace the interaction of the people living in the building.

The idea of having a private outdoor space where the residents can practice gardening was born in the origin of the project. In the image bellow I want to show the type of space: a quiet sheltered balcony.

The constructive solutions for the project are the answer for the different facades of the project. It is a double faced project, one that is turned to the inner square, that is perforated with balconies and windows, that allows the green to grow in it. The greenery comes from each balcony. On the other side, a circulatory network of corridors and stairs that faces the rough slope of the quarry. The technical solution for this side is a curtain wall.

In conclusion, the project, from a landscape and social integration premises, is looking for paths to generate new spaces, that combine the strong character of the place with the bold architectural intervention, providing a wide range of levels of privacy and interaction.