La plaza de la Plaza

with Lara Ferrer

For the competition Racons Publics at Castelló, Spain. PROYECTO FINALISTA.

The bullring in Castellón is currently enclosed by constructions that distort its character into a singular urban element. To recover the building’s original essence the project removes the existing wall that bounds with the next door Ribalta park and revives the roundness of the bullring.

A new perimeter fencing has to be built to respond the traffic of either trucks or people. This new fence is generated by a single profile (L10x5cm) taking different positions to respond to the changing situations, creating a set of transparencies and textures.

The new perimeter frees up a new public space to the benefit of the city and its inhabitants. The intervention is completed by paving, lighting and tree planting, in addition to the design of an integrated seating area on the doors of the bullring, creating a transition between the park and the arena.

This new plaza is intended to provide a space of permanent use for the city; either to serve as a prelude when the bullring is open, and when closed a space to relax.